Markmind is a mind map , outline and pdf annotate tool.
You can right-click the folder to create a new mind map or you can create a new markdown file,then add yaml to active mindmap:
                               mindmap-plugin: basic (or rich)
In basic mode,you can use the basic mind map and outline functions ,It will output this markdown (strict format):

                        mindmap-plugin: basic
                        # Enhancing Mind map
                        ## Links
                        - <>
                        - [GitHub](
                        ## Related
                        - [coc-markmap](
                        - [gatsby-remark-markmap](
                        ## Features
                        - links
                        - **inline** ~~text~~ *styles*
                        - multiline
                        - `inline code`
                        - Katex - $x = {-b \pm \sqrt{b^2-4ac} \over 2a}$
In rich mode,you can use all mind map functions ,It will output this markdown :

                        mindmap-plugin: rich
                        # md 
                        ​``` json
The mindmap data will store to json.

Mind Map Short Cut

New Mind Map Ctrl/Cmd+P
New child node Tab
New brother node enter
Delete node Delete/Backspace
edit node Space/dblclick node
Undo Ctrl/Cmd+Z
Redo Ctrl/Cmd+Y
Quit edit node Tab
Expand node Ctrl/Cmd + /
Collapse node Ctrl/Cmd + /
Move node to another node Drag and drop node
Tab node Up/down/left/right
Zoom in/out Ctrl/Cmd + mouse wheel
Mind map to center Ctrl/Cmd + E
Change mindmap layout Ctrl/Cmd + U / D / L / R / M
delete summary / boundary / relate link Delete/Backspace

Outline Short Cut

Add yaml to active outline in basic mode of mind map
                      mindmap-plugin: basic
                      display-mode: outline
Features Short Cut
New Brother Node Enter
Indent Tab
Unindent Shift+Tab
Zoom in Ctrl/Cmd+] Or Double Click Dott
Zoom out Ctrl/Cmd+[
Move Up Or Down Node Ctrl/Cmd + up/down

How to use pdf annotate


  1. You need download pdf js plugin , please download this pdf js plugin
  2. Open setting tab to set up pdf plugin path , for example:D:plugins/pdfjs , It is a absolute path
  3. Open as mind map in more menus
  4. Use [[]] to reference pdf
  5. Click pdf reference , it will open a pdf reader if pdf plugin path is correct
  6. Use pdf annotate function
    • it will create annos file in your folder as default, the annos file store annotations data,annos file is a json file in fact
    • if you select (save pdf annotation type ) markdown in setting tab , it will create ${pdf name} file in your folder. Each annotation has an associated quote block with a block reference. please do not modify these blocks

How to relate mind map node and annotate?

There are tow types of save pdf annotation,the default is use annos file to save annotations,it is a json file in fact,the other ways is use md file to save annotations,you can select save type in setting tab

There are three ways to relate mind map node and annotate

Default (can only be used in mind map mode)

  1. make a pdf annotate
  2. click pdf annotate
  3. edit mind map node , ctrl/cmd + v to relate node and annotate
  4. click node pdf annotate mark will auto copy id of annotate to clipboard

Use obsidian://jump-to-pdf protocol

  1. open protocol support in setting tab
  2. automatic create PDF annotation reference link and copy to clipboard when click pdf-annotate
  3. paste to markdown file

Use markdown to save pdf annotations(best way)

  1. you can use [[${md name}#${block reference}]] to associate quote block with a block reference.
  2. An obsidian link to an annotation block-reference will, when clicked, open the corresponding file and scroll to the associated highlight. If the file is already open in a pane, then the link will cause the existing pane to scroll instead.